You can access the pages and the writing by clicking on the cute post-it and sticky images in the sidebar, or heading back up to the header and navigating you way around that way. But if you want to know who I am and what this is all about, read on to the end. 

Adventures in writing is just that, an adventure. Most of my life has been spent in day dreams and stories. I have seen wondrous things in my head, visions of far away galaxies, of aliens, of other worlds filled with elves and treasure. Filled with fear, swashbuckling, horror, and romance. They are all worlds I create as a writer. I write independently and have been getting my hands dirty with that for 5 years now. My passion started with reading. Much like the imaginations I could come up with, I also like reading and seeing other people’s imaginings. But, it got me to thinking I too could do that. I could create a world for someone to escape into, or get thrilled by. Or a character to fall in love with, and one to loathe with the fire of a thousand suns.

How it started

So I got to writing, basing my first novel on a strange incident in a filthy house loaded with metal band mates, overly perfumed girls and loud music. It all started with a door which led to nothing. Just a wall. And I wondered, as violent singing, screaming guitar riffs, and wild thumping drowned out most of anyone’s thoughts, what good could this door possibly do. The story quickly came to me as I recalled a scene from Howl’s Moving Castle. Maybe, if the knob turned a different way, it would open into somewhere different. Let’s just say, next thing I knew I had a romantic comedy brewing about a sweet and aloof woman, a fun loving and understanding carpenter and of course, Lucifer.

Then it all took off

But that was just the beginnings of my words, my stories, my characters. Since, I have put out a second novel which has been adapted into a short film. Consuming Beauty, a gothic love story which reads like the movie Repulsion meets Han’s Christian Anderson’s, Beauty and the Beast. I helped through much of the process that was taking my novel and turning it into a short film, even doing set design and costume design.

From that I have also segued into production design on some music videos. It is by no means the thing I want to do, but I like to say I am pretty good at it and it gets me involved with other artists who can inspire me to branch out in different ways than I normally would think to. See, people, other artists, always have good ideas and are willing to share them.

other stuff

As if that wasn’t enough to get my toes wet, I also started designing Wedding invitations recently, because I have an obsession with paper goods. While the place is still getting up and running, my shop is open on Etsy, and rightly titled after my inspiration, Poe’s Paper Emporium. 

And that is not where the creativity ends. There can be no rhyme or reason to one’s creativity when one is simply creative. With that comes the desire, the passion, to create. That means anything. Everything! It means food, cocktails, home decor, design, reading, watching…just making things. Or helping other people make things. This is the life of a creator. These are my thoughts. You can navigate to my random ramblings, reviews, thoughts on movies, t.v shows, anime or books in the Daily Tidbits section. The stories I write for fun are available in the Stories section. In the apothecary are some of the cocktail recipes I and my husband have tried or created and the reason why we created them or what we enjoyed them with.


I live in Southern California with two adorable Basset hounds. My furry children with four legs. My husband is a Writer, Director and Visual Effects Producer at Technicolor. Much like me he basically does anything, especially when it comes to film, and is a savant at Oscar Trivia. I’m telling you, it is freakin’ ridiculous. I spent my early childhood on the east coast, growing up in Annapolis, Maryland. I love that city with all my heart and miss the history that envelops you out there. Like even the dirt has a story to tell you. The rest of my youth was spent in the gentle midwest town of Geneva, Illinois, outside of Chicago. I moved to California after meeting my husband, rather fatefully, on a trip to Ireland on his last night there.

I love all things kawaii. I have a strange obsession with papers and pens that includes numerous journals and stickers and papers that I refuse to use because I just like how cute and precious they are. I love cooking and baking, and watching anime.






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